How Long to Store Wine in a Box?

Wine is an organic living product that is constantly evolving, whether it be in a bottle or box. In most cases, wine cannot be stored long before it begins to deteriorate, but wine in a box will last longer than bottled wine.

From Date Of Purchase

Wine in a box is not made to be aged and should typically be consumed soon after purchase. When purchasing box wine, check for a "use before" or "boxed on" date. If properly stored and unopened, the wine will last up to a year from the "boxed on" date.


The greatest enemy of wine is heat. The ideal temperature for storing wine is 12.8 degrees C while serving temperature should be around 18.3 degrees Cor red and 10 degrees Cor white wine. Heat will cause wine to oxidise quickly and make it undrinkable. White wine should always be kept in a refrigerator after purchase.

Storage After Opening

Wine in a box is contained in a plastic liner inside the box that prevents air from entering and oxidising the wine. This allows the wine to be kept longer than if it were in a bottle. However, once opened, red wine can be placed in a refrigerator for storage and taken out about a half-hour before serving, allowing it to reach room temperature. White wine should naturally be kept in a refrigerator all the time. Once refrigerated, both red and white wine in a box can stay fresh for eight weeks or more.

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