The Average Cost for Merry Maids to Clean Your Home

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Merry Maids offers a wide range of cleaning services for customers. The company bases the cost of cleaning on a variety of factors and gives you an estimate of your exact cost, after visiting your home.

Average Cost

Based on 2009 data from the company's website, the cost of cleaning a home varies from £81 to £276, as of 2010. The cost refers to a single visit or the first cleaning.


Merry Maids pricing varies, depending on the amount of work required and the amount of space in your home. Cleaning appliances, windows and other features, adds to the overall price. The cost of cleaning a home with pets is also higher.

Expert Insight

If you order regular or frequent cleanings from Merry Maids, expect the price to change. The first cleaning is always higher than subsequent cleanings because more work is involved. For example, it may cost £130 for the first visit and £81 for other visits.

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