Can You Email Party Invitations?

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Rapid technological advances have changed many aspects of daily life, including how people invite guests to parties. It is appropriate to forego handwritten party invitations and send them via e-mail in some situations.


It is acceptable to e-mail party invitations for events that are less formal occasions, according to Emily Post. The etiquette website says you should still mail an invitation and address the envelopes by hand when sending invitations to a formal event, such as a wedding.


Both fee-based and free party invitation templates are available, online and offline. Alternatively, you can create your own invitation and e-mail it to everyone on your party list.


Keep in mind that everyone doesn't have a personal e-mail address, and that you may need to mail paper invitations to some guests. Respect the invitees' privacy and remember to hide their names and e-mail addresses when e-mailing invitations to a group of people.

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