Grand Cherokee Transmission Problems

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is a midsize sport utility vehicle (SUV) from the Jeep division of Chrysler Group. Having debuted in 1993 and in its fourth generation of production as of September 2010, the Grand Cherokee has its share of transmission problems.

Viscous Coupling

The four-wheel drive versions of the Grand Cherokee’s first four model years (1993 to 1996) are more susceptible to failure of the viscous coupling. This is an arrangement of discs in a sealed case of gel, acting as a limited slip differential and/or a means of restricting wheelspin.

Shaft Speed Sensor

The 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee has a periodic problem with the failure of the transmission output shaft speed sensor; in the 1999, 2000, 2002 and 2003 models, that problem extends to the input shaft speed sensor as well. These components are responsible for monitoring the SUV’s speed.


As of September 2010, the cost to repair the viscous coupling is estimated at £357 for parts and £287 for labour. For the shaft speed sensors, the cost is around £16 for parts and £21 for labour.