Club Promoter Job Description

Club promoters are an integral part of the attending clientele at a nightclub, party or event. Club promoters provide an avenue for the public to become aware of events happening in their part of town.

Club Promoters as Salespeople

Club promoters are first and foremost salespeople. Their job is to sell a party or event to the public. Club promoters can work for the venue itself or can be employed by a marketing or public relations company.

Getting the Word Out

The goal of a club promoter is to gain attendance for an event. By the use of mass e-mails, texts, phone calls and word of mouth, club promoters market the club they are promoting.


After a club promoter has done their job of inviting people, the day of the event is theirs to have fun and network. Their job at the event is to be social and network within the crowd, which makes people feel special. Done right, those people will become regulars.


Club promoters must be willing to work late since many nightclubs stay open until 4 a.m. Club promoters must also have great people skills, the ability to set up and plan events, and have good communication with the media.


Club promoters make money by keeping a portion of the entry fee for each person they invite. Usually it is about £1.30 to £1.90 from each person. Thus, it is vital to a club promoter's salary to get as many people in the door as possible.

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