Replenisher Job Description

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Stock replenishers are employed in retail stores to ensure that shelves are not left empty and there is a full supply of stock available. As customers purchase goods, shelves and display areas must be restocked for other customers.

Replenishers are also referred to as shelf stackers, replenishment assistants and stock controllers.


Although it helps to have a high school diploma, this is not compulsory. Careers website Connexions-Direct notes that many replenishes are trained on-the-job by experienced colleagues. Retail or customer service work experience is beneficial when applying for the job.


The role involves working on the shop floor so therefore requires good customer service skills. Replenishers must be friendly and helpful, remain positive and professional at all times and enjoy physical work. Although a replenisher is required to work as part of a team, she must also work alone and unsupervised for part of the day.


Primarily, a replenisher must first ensure that stock is refilled and available. However, additional tasks may also be carried out such as answering customer queries, price checking items, taking receipt of stock, checking delivery items and taking stock level reports.