Calf & Walking Pain

Calf pain and walking pain in your lower leg can be the result of pulled or torn muscles from walking or other activities. Symptoms can be aggravating, but you can reduce the pain and prevent further injuries.


You might feel a sudden cramp or ache. Swelling is also possible because of muscle strain. In most cases, the swelling and pain subsides after a day or two. Your calf pain might cause you to rest and refrain from your usual sports and other physical activities.


Calf pain has many causes, such as sudden jerks and forced stretch movements, too much exercise or sudden acceleration or intensity in running and walking. Wearing improper footwear also can bring pain.


You can treat and reduce calf pain by resting, icing the area and applying compression. You also should elevate your leg and gently massage and stretch the area. Stretching and massaging can help relieve muscle stress and speed its recovery.


Incorrect footwear can cause and exacerbate calf pain. Replace worn-out shoes--they no longer provide sufficient support to your feet and the surrounding muscles, including calves.


You can treat calf pain by taking over-the-counter, non-steroid, anti-inflammatory medications. If the pain continues, seek medical attention.

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