Side Effects of SAM E Supplements

SAM E has been used to treat conditions like depression, chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia. The ingredients are actually found in our cells. These levels decreases as we get older. Low dosages of SAM E do not have as many side effects as high dosages of this product.

Make sure your physician knows you are taking this supplement.

Cautionary Use

If a patient has been diagnosed with any type of manic anxiety disorder, use with extreme caution only under a physician's monitoring. Severe manic episodes can occur with the use of SAM E.


SAM E helps the body to produce neurotransmitters that our body uses to control depression. In low doses there are few side effects, but in high doses it can cause the feelings of anxiety and restlessness.

Mixture of Medications

Some physicians are mixing SAM E and SSRI drugs, like Prozac, to decrease the amount of time for improving symptoms in severely depressed patients. Up to 43 per cent had a complete remission. SAM E can act as a stimulant, causing heart palpations if mixed with other drugs.


SAM E help the joints to stay strong by helping cartilage not to deteriorate as fast with normal age. Doses of more than 100 milligrams can cause hypertension and stomach upset.


SAM E may help the liver to break down chemotherapy agents. If this occurs, there will be less side effects from the chemotherapy drug, which would far outweigh the SAM E side effects in low doses.