How far should swings be set apart?

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Swings should be far enough apart to avoid collisions with other swings and structural supports. Swings that are too close together can also encounter entanglement hazards. According to BackyardCity.

com, the S-hooks used on many swings "may act as hooks or catch-points, can catch children's clothing and cause strangulation incidents."

Falls Cause More Injuries

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While improperly positioned swings can endanger a child, falling down accounts for most playground-related injuries. Asphalt playgrounds, especially, can pose a danger to children, who might jump off of swings or have a tendency to trip. "Almost 60 per cent of all playground injuries," states, "are caused by falls to the ground."

Bottom Line

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According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, swings should be spaced at least 24 inches apart and 30 inches from the support structure. In addition, parents should monitor children on swings to avoid open hooks or playground falls. And, as recommended by, "there should be no more than two swing seats suspended in the same section or bay of the support structure."