The Meaning of an Orange Gerbera Daisy

Macro close-up of an orange gerbera daisy. image by ryasick from

Gerbera daisies are annual flowers that bloom repeatedly, bringing beauty to garden areas again and again. Gerberas when fully grown are 6 to 18 inches in height. The blossoms grow in a variety of colours: pink, red, yellow, white and orange.

Birds, bees and butterflies are often attracted to gerbera daisies for their bright colouring. An orange gerbera daisy carries a specific meaning in the language of flowers.


Orange gerbera daisies were discovered by Robert Jameson in Barberton, South Africa. The flowers were named for German naturalist Traugot Gerber. Today, gerbera daisies are commonly cultivated by amateur and professional gardeners all over the world.


Orange gerbera daisies grow bright orange blossoms with bright green leaves that curl up around the edges. The flowers bloom in spring, growing best in full sunlight with rich, moist soil. Gerbera daises have long, thin, oval-shaped petals which grow outward from the large, yellow flower centre.


More than 30 different types of gerbera daisies grow naturally. Orange gerbera varieties include Barberton daisies, Gerbera burchellii and Gerbera nervosa.

Daisy Meaning

The language of flowers was established during the 18th century. Assigning particular meanings to flowers and using blossoms as a secret code became popular in Queen Victoria's court in England. Many of the meanings of flowers still linger today. Daisies are thought to express a message of innocence. Daisies also convey gentleness and youth, traits that are often associated with innocence.

Gerbera Daisy Meaning

Brightly-coloured orange gerbera daisies represent feelings of warmth and creativity. Giving orange gerbera daisies to someone will convey a message of friendship and kindness. Because of the bold colour, orange gerbera daises also represent sunshine and happiness.