What is the summer chic dress code?

Female dress for summer with a red belt image by terex from Fotolia.com

The economic downturn has changed the fashionista's shopping budget. Creativity, such as mixing and matching wardrobe items with complementary summertime pieces, creates a revamped look.

Although these styling tips and tricks are quick wardrobe solutions, feeling beautiful in your chic summertime ensemble is the best addition to your dress code.

Fashion Magazine Ideas

Checking out the latest summertime trends in fashion magazines is a quick way to know what the top designers are forecasting, as well as how the fashion editors style ensembles together. Use the photographed layouts as a mini guide, and look through your existing wardrobe for pieces resembling the photographed items. Do not be afraid to use non-branded items in place of pictured designer labels. You will be able to capture the same effect by mixing the pertinent pieces in the same style selected by the fashion editors.

Summertime Color

Look through your local retail shops or mall as well as your magazines for colour trends. This will pare down your existing items. Bright colours, such as turquoise and grape, as well as soft hue pastels are part of the 2010 summertime colour palette. Choose colours that enhance your features.

Summer Dresses

Cap sleeve, one-shoulder and halter dresses are updated with accessories, such as wide or thin belts. Studded high-heeled clogs, gladiator shoes or a fedora hat changes a classic dress style into a sporty ensemble. For example, mix a draped summer printed dress with a skinny belt.

Summer Tops

Pair a trendy summertime top, such as a halter tunic, cowl neck, ruffle, or a fitted one-shoulder, with your existing skinny jean. You can also mix a classic pinstripe button-down blouse with a trendy short-short, which has a one- to two-inch inseam. Add a skinny belt, a fedora hat, an oversized handbag and high-heeled clogs to complete the look.

Summer Capris

Spring and summer wardrobes usually include a cropped bottom or capri such as a khaki chino. By adding a trendy triple tier ruffle top or novelty multiple tier top with an embellished floral shoe and skinny belt, your staple capri garment will be updated into a summertime chic ensemble.


Summertime work attire does not have to translate in wearing non-fashionable ensembles. Mix a basic shirtdress with a cropped jacket, a wedge shoe and an oversized bracelet or bangle. For example, a camouflage cropped jacket or scarf added to a khaki double-breasted shirtdress with epaulettes will add military chic to your summertime ensemble.

Summertime Accessories, Make-Up and Hair

Add large floral pins or brooches to your summertime dress as a chic way of updating an existing dress or ensemble. Add a printed scarf as a belt or neckwear piece to a monotone ensemble. Do not forget to change your make-up shadows and lipstick shades as well as your hairstyle as the finishing touch to your summer chic dress code.