Kodak Instamatic M 95 Projector Instructions

The Kodak Instamatic M95 movie projector was the top-of-the-line model of the M-Series at-home movie viewing projectors produced by Kodak in the 1960s. The M95 has a dual 8mm or Super 8 feature which allows the user to view either 8mm or Super 8 films.

It also provides the user with seven projection speeds, from slow motion to normal to fast forward. You can also watch your movie in reverse, or freeze a frame.

The Projector

Place the M95 on a table or a firm support. The height of the table should correspond to the viewable area. The projector should be 14 feet away from the viewable area if you are watching Super 8 film or 17 feet for 8mm film. Select the type of film, 8mm or Super 8, before turning on the projector. For 8mm film, remove the supply reel spindle adaptor.


Load the empty supply cartridge on the front spindle and the supply reel on the rear spindle. The supply reel can be as long as 400 feet. Make sure the perforated edge of the film is toward you and the film comes out from the bottom. Push both reels onto their respective spindles as far as they will go. To load film, thread the film under the guide roller with the film extending about 6 inches beyond the roller. Press the roller until it locks.


Turn on the M95 power switch button that activates the motor and the lamp. To increase bulb life, allow a minute for the lamp to warm up. Make sure the projector points at a white wall or a film screen. Adjust the height by turning the variation wheel. Adjust the focus by turning the focus wheel. Thread the film over the tension roller and into the film entrance. Do this in small segments of film until the machine catches the film and takes it automatically and attaches the film to the take-up reel. Turn out the lights and turn on the projector at whatever speed you wish to view your movie.