Operating Instructions for a Chinon 2000 GL Film Projector

8mm film tape on white image by Slobodan Djajic from Fotolia.com

The Chinon 2000 GL is a 2-reel 8 millimetre (8mm) projector first manufactured in the 1970s. As home and commercial movies shot on 8mm film become increasingly rare commodities, a reliable projection method is needed to prevent damaging the film, and the 2000 GL, while something of an antique, is designed to be sturdy and easy to operate in the home. Threading and watching movies on the projector is still possible today.

Sit the 2000 GL on a steady surface and point the lens toward a white screen or wall. Connect one end of the projector's AC adaptor to the power input on the right side of the projector and the other end to an AC electrical socket.

Set the front knob to "Slow" and the rear to "Off." Mount an 8mm film reel on the rear spool and gently feed the end of the film into the slot near the lower-right corner of the spool area.

Set the rear knob to "Thread" and feed the film into the slot until it comes out the second slot on the top of the projector. Wind the film around the front spool until it is securely threaded.

Turn the rear knob to "Project" and twist the front knob clockwise until the film is running at the right speed. Turn the rear knob to "Rewind" until you have reached the point from which you want to watch, then switch back to "Project." The film will run until it is entirely spooled on the front reel, at which point it can be removed from the projector.

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