Event Staff Duties

stadium image by Yuriy Rozanov from Fotolia.com

Cities have sports arenas and theatres which hold not only sporting events, but also concerts, shows and other entertainment that require the use of event staff. The event staff do all the preparation work before a event, work the service departments during the event and clean-up after the event.

These positions do not pay a lot of money per hour, but can be worked part-time while holding another full-time job.

Set-up and Tear-down Duties

Sporting events, concerts and special shows such as car shows, monster truck rallies or wrestling require the event staff to set up the entertainment venue to perform. This set-up procedure is done over the course of an evening and done quickly because many different events can be scheduled in a short period of time. At times, a concert is scheduled on one evening and the next day the local basketball team plays in the same venue. The event staff will prepare the stage for the concert, then tear down the stage and return the stadium back to the basketball court to get ready for the basketball game the next day.

Event Services Duties

Every event held at entertainment venues have security personnel, vending station employees and ticket takers worked by event staff. These positions requires the event staff to know the policies of the stadium when it comes to seating, pricing, alcohol policies and general security procedures. The event staff checks people into the stadium, verifies the seating, runs the apparel stores and food stations as well as ensures the event is kept safe. All of this requires the event staff to handle money, know safety procedures, assist medical personnel in the event of emergencies and call upon the police department and assist officers in the course of problems.

Clean-up Duties

The event staff is responsible for cleaning up the entertainment venue once the special event has been completed. A stadium which holds thousands of people requires the event staff to clean the stairways of debris and trash, wash down each seat, and sweep and mop all areas of the stadium. The event staff is also responsible for repairing any damaged materials such as chairs, safety rails and other equipment used during the course of the event. Outside the stadium a clean-up is also done in the car park, lawns, ticket areas, entrance and exits.