Panasonic Breadmaker Problems

Image by, courtesy of Tracy Hunter

Overall, the user/owners of Panasonic breadmakers give the machines quite good reviews. Some users had owned and used the machines for years and some indicated they would buy the brand again if they were in the market for a new breadmaker.

However, some users and reviewers did report certain problems with these machines. Those problems included such issues as bread falling during baking, bread loaves with holes in the centre, no option for custom timings, difficulty getting the baked bread out of the breadmaker, and limited international distribution.

Loaves Falling

One problem that users reported with Panasonic breadmakers was with the bread loaves caving in, or falling, when they baked bread using the machine. However, other individuals suggested the cause of this problem might not be the breadmaker itself but the amount of certain ingredients used, particularly yeast and water. The potential for altitude or humidity of the specific location potentially had an implication regarding this problem.

Hole in Bread Loaf

Another problem reported is that some models have a design involving a paddle that sometimes remains in the loaf. This situation resulted in bread loaves made in the machine having a hole in the middle.

Single Paddle vs. Double Paddle

A different problem can occur because the Panasonic breadmaker has one paddle whereas some other brands have two. Breadmakers with two paddles are reputed to do a better job kneading the dough.

Pre-Set Cycles and No Window

Another circumstance that for some people could pose a problem is that the Panasonic breadmaker offers only preset timing cycles. For a serious cook who needs to have more control over cooking times, this is not as good a choice as a brand that offers the option of custom settings. Another convenience feature the Panasonic breakmakers lack is a viewing window.

Inability to Turn Bread Out

Another reported problem with the Panasonic breadmaker was of problems in turning the baked bread loaves out. Since this is an end-of-cooking activity and considerable work goes into breadmaking preceding this step, this problem could constitute a particular annoyance for some bread bakers.

Limited Availability

Some potential users found a problem with the Panasonic's limited availability. For example, while Panasonic had in the past distributed its breadmakers in Australia, as of September 2009 Panasonic had discontinued Australian distribution.