Which Retail Stores Sell the Chillow Pillow?


The Chillow Pillow is a special pillow that promises to increase the chances of a better night's sleep. The difference between this and an ordinary pillow is the active cooling system that keeps the space between your skin and your pillow from developing into a sweat.

The best part is, this pillow does it all without making a sound! The water that dissipates from your body as you sleep is absorbed by water from the Chillow, and is sent back into the surrounding air. The result is a cool and uninterrupted sleep. Bonus? The Chillow Pillow conforms to your active lifestyle, as it is equipped with memory foam!


The Chillow Pillow is available in three different sizes: standard, plus, and mini. The mini also can be used as an ice-pack or as a travel pillow.


The standard Chillow Pillow is suggested at £22.70 by the makers. The Chillow Plus sells for £29.20, and the mini is £16.20. These are all in U.S. currency.

Retail Locations

Sears and select JCPenney locations are now authorised retailers of the Chillow Pillow. Purchasing directly from a local store will eliminate shipping charges.


No location near you? The following online retailers offer the Chillow Pillow either at discounted prices, or reduced shipping:

Miles Kimball Drugstore.com SkyMall As We Change


The Chillow Pillow can weigh up to 2.27 Kilogram when it is filled. So, if you purchase one, keep it away from children under the age of 4 or anyone who cannot lift it with ease. Also, avoid sharp objects like jewelery and pet claws (sorry to those who like to sleep next to your dog or cat)!