How to Make a Car Booster Seat for Your Pet

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Don't leave your pet without a view of the world. If your pet's nose only comes up to the armrest in your vehicle, build your pet a booster seat to give it a view out the window. Making a booster seat involves purchasing the supporting materials and constructing the seat.

Purchase a block of foam insulation board from a hardware store. Blocks are often sold in 4-by-8 foot sizes. The block for this project should be a minimum of 3-by-4 feet, or if your vehicle is particularly large, even bigger. Measure the width and depth of the vehicle seat in which the dog will sit. You want the block at least this wide and tall enough for the dog to see out of the window.

Cut the foam insulation board to the width and height desired to fit in your car using a hacksaw. To determine this size, measure the height and width of the seat. Cut to these specifications. The height should come at least a few inches above the window.

Measure your pet's legs, while it is standing, to its haunches.

Cut into the top of the foam insulation board from the top front. The top will be the portion parallel to the car roof when it is in the car seat. Use the hacksaw to cut the foam insulation board so the top of the booster seat looks like a child's booster seat. Leave about 4 inches of foam on each side and the back. This will create support so your dog does not fall out. Make the seat about as deep as your dog's haunches.

When you are finished, the result should look like a tall, styrofoam child's booster seat.

Measure the individual surfaces of the seat. Cut the fabric to these surface sizes, leaving a few extra inches for overlap.

Use the staple gun to secure the individual pieces of fabric to each side of the seat.