Are Rose Hips Dangerous for Pets?

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Rose hips are small fruits produced by the rose bush after the rose has died. Rose hips have been used in culinary dishes and as an alternative medicine. All parts of the rose, including rose hips are non-toxic if ingested by animals.


Pets that ingest any part of the rose will not suffer from plant poisoning symptoms. According to Pet, the rose is not dangerous for pets if ingested, including the berrylike fruits called rose hips.


While rose hips and all rose parts are not toxic, ingesting any type of plant can cause adverse symptoms in pets, states Pawprints and Purrs, Inc. Symptoms associated with plant ingestion include diarrhoea, vomiting and depression, and usually are mild with non-toxic plants.


Dogs that ingest roses or rose hips and experience serious or long-lasting symptoms should visit their veterinarian. Rose bushes often are sprayed with insecticides, which can cause adverse reactions in animals. Take a sample of the plant your pet consumed to aid the veterinarian in proper plant identification.

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