Is a Flowering Quince Bush Fruit Safe for Dogs?

flowering quince close-up image by Carbonbrain from

Flowering quince bushes are deciduous shrubs. They grow up to 10 feet in height with glossy dark-green leaves. Red flowers develop into a green fruit, maturing to a pinkish-red fruit.

While flowering quince bush fruits are used to make jams and jellies for humans, gardeners might wonder whether they are safe for canine consumption.


Flowering quince bush fruits are non-toxic to humans and wildlife, according to the Colorado State University County Extension Office. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals does not count flowering quince among their list of plants harmful to dogs.


While flowering quince bush fruits are considered generally safe for canines, individual dogs can develop allergic reactions that are serious.


If you suspect your dog is suffering an allergic reaction or adverse effect from eating a flowering quince bush fruit, speak to your veterinarian about possible causes and treatments.