Qualities of a good role model

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A role model is a person who others look up to and admire. A role model provides inspiration and motivation to seek out accomplishments. Role models send messages about their beliefs by what they do and say. Here are some traits of positive role models.


A role model is self-assured and happy with who she is. If a role model displays that she has self-esteem, those who look up to her will, too. A role model displays a streak of independence showing she does not need to follow current trends. Role models trust in being themselves. They are proud of who they are, but not cocky.

Handle Stress Positively

Being human means having to constantly deal with stress and overcome obstacles. A role model sets a good example on how to handle pressure. Athlete role models can handle stress and can come through when the pressure is on. While they may not win every game, when they fail they attempt to learn from their mistakes.

Role Models Are Trustworthy

Trustworthiness is another quality of a good role model. A role model is honest and doesn't lie. A role model possesses integrity and does the right thing even if no one is looking or he does not receive acknowledgement for his act.


A good role model also does what she says. A good role model delivers on her promises and can always be counted on even when she is overwhelmed and wants to quit. Perseverance is a key trait. Role models demonstrate that if they work hard to attain something, then others can, too. They give you dreams and goals to aspire to.

Respect for Others

How you treat others speaks volumes about who you are. A good role model listens to others and also considers opposing points of view. He treats others how he would want to be treated and is considerate of others. When making mistakes, a role model does not place the blame on others; he owns up to his own shortcomings.

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