Types of Rubberwood Furniture

Rubberwood is ideal for home furnishings since it is so hard. After all, who doesn't want furniture that stands up to a busy lifestyle? Rubberwood is easy to find and can be purchased finished or unfinished. Rubberwood is also cheaper than most other hardwoods, so it is easy on the bank account.

The Wee

Rubberwood trees grow mainly in South America; they are the trees that produce latex. Rubberwood is part of the maple family and has a similar density, colour and texture, making it easy to stain or paint. Rubberwood is considered an environmentally friendly wood because it comes from a tree that has produced another resource -- in this case, latex -- for its useful life before being harvested. The average Rubberwood tree lives 20 to 30 years before it is cut down and a new tree is planted in its place.

Kitchen Furniture

Rubberwood is as hard as oak or maple, meaning it can withstand the daily use and abuse that a kitchen table and chairs go through. Rubberwood is also commonly used for barstools.

Occasional Tables

Rubberwood makes good occasional tables, such as coffee tables, end tables and sofa tables. Occasional tables, like kitchen furniture, tend to get a lot of heavy use in a home, especially in common areas.

Bedroom Funriture

Rubberwood is perfect for bedroom furniture as well. Options for rubberwood bedroom furniture include headboards and footboards, dressers, armoires, nightstands and vanities.

Children's furniture

Children are hard on furniture, which is why rubberwood is such a great choice when choosing children's furnishings. Not only are bedroom sets available in rubberwood, but also child-size tables and chairs, rockers and toy accessories such as doll cradles.