How long does it take for blood work results?

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Blood test result times depend on the type of blood test that you are having conducted. The blood results could come back immediately to half an hour in an emergency situation to as long as two weeks with speciality tests.

Immediate Blood Test Results

Some blood test results are immediate. Almost any pregnant woman has been to her obstetrician's office and has had her iron count tested. Results are returned to her before she leaves the office. Blood sugar testing is another immediate blood test result that most people are familiar with. Thanks to modern technology you can receive your blood glucose results immediately at home with the use of a blood glucose monitor.

Half Hour Blood Test Results

Many people have been tested for Epstein Barr virus. This test result can often be conducted in the doctors office. Emergency rooms can also test for Epstein Barr virus at their facility. While most complete blood counts are sent to a lab and require time to conduct, emergency rooms and hospitals can perform the tests on site, resulting in very quick reading of results.

Prolonged Blood Test Results

A three-hour blood glucose test monitors for low blood sugars. This test is conducted over a three-hour period through repeated blood withdrawals. A catheter is left under the skin for blood withdrawals so the patient does not have to be stuck repeatedly. There are other similar blood tests that are conducted on a prolonged basis with immediate test results.

Week Long Blood Test Results

Most people are familiar with the test results that are found in a doctor's office. Consolidated Laboratories stated that most complete blood counts where the blood is drawn in a doctors office take up to a week to process.

Extended Blood Test Results

Some blood results take an extended length of time. Some of these would include ANA or anti-nuclear antibody tests used to diagnosis Lupus and DNA paternity testing. Although most paternity tests are now simply done with a mouth swab, some labs still conduct the tests through blood withdrawals.

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