Inexpensive Birthday Party Ideas for Teens

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Planning an enjoyable teen birthday party does not have to be an expensive proposition. Instead of pouring money into your teen's birthday party, choose an affordable option and save your cash for later purchases. There are an array of fun birthday party ideas for teens that require little financial investment.

Celebrity Encounters

Teens use photos and artistic skill to create images of themselves with their favourite celebrities in this crafty party activity. Prior to your party, gather together images of teen heart throbs. Using a digital camera, take pictures of your guests as they arrive at the party. Download the images into the computer, and print them off. Provide party guests with scissors and glue, and encourage them to cut out their images and position them so they look like they are posing with the celebrity of their choice.

Pizza Kitchen

Create a pizza kitchen at home and allow teens to craft their own economical party food. Buy pre-made pizza dough, sauce, cheese and an assortment of toppings. Lay the potential pizza ingredients out on a table or island. When it comes time for the teens to snack, let them create their own pizza. Pop the pizzas into the oven, and bake up the teen-created delicacies. To add some humour to the activity, lay out some non-traditional pizza toppings with the standard fare. Some teens may enjoy placing chocolate candies or marshmallows on their pizza to create an uncommon combination.

Kite Building Contest

Get teens out into the fresh air, and allow them to compete while trying their hands at the art of kite building. Gather kite-building material including balsa wood, plastic bags and kite twine. Print off some kite building directions for teens to reference as they craft their creations. Assemble teens around a park picnic table, and give them the materials. Allow them to build their kites, then get them into the air. Have other party guests score each kite on style and quality of flight. Give prizes to the winners.

Trash to Treasure Jewelry Making

Teens use magazines to create colourful beads in this creative party activity. To prepare, gather old magazines, school glue, scissors, water, toothpicks, thread, needles and bowls. Mix the school glue and water in equal parts in the bowls. When teens arrive, give them the magazines and have them cut the pages into one-inch wide strips. Next, have the teens turn each strip into a long triangle. The teens then drip each triangle in the glue mixture, and wrap them tightly around the toothpicks. Leave the beads to dry for several hours. Once they have dried, allow the teens to remove them from the toothpicks and string them on thread to create aesthetically-pleasing jewellery.