Instructions for a Hex Open Purse Frame

Updated February 21, 2017

Adding a hex open frame to a homemade purse allows you to craft a handbag that can pop open and shut. Unlike a regular internal flex frame, a hex open frame pops out into a hexagon shape, giving the purse a wide opening so that you can fit all your gear into it. The frame folds flat to shut. Making a purse with a frame requires only one additional step, which you can quickly master if you are familiar with sewing.

Cut Out and Sew Your Purse Body

Cut out fabric for the exterior of your purse and fabric for the lining. If you use a thin fabric, you may also want to cut out mid-weight interfacing to give the purse some body. You can make the purse whatever size and shape you like as long as you make the top of the purse large enough to fit the hex frame. Cut the fabric on the top so that it is at least the length of the frame plus one inch.

Sew the exterior fabric together (with right sides facing in) along the sides and bottom, leaving a flap along the sides at the top that is three times the height of your frame. If using a one inch frame, for instance, leave three inches from the top of the purse unsewn. Repeat with the lining fabric.

Assemble the Purse

If you decide to use interfacing, fuse it to the lining fabric or sew in place. If you want your purse to stand on its own, you will need to box the corners. Push the edges of the bottom of the bag out to form a triangle, then sew a straight line a few inches from the point of the triangle. Trim off the excess fabric and repeat on the other side and with the lining fabric.

Line up the bottom corners of the exterior fabric and lining fabric. Make sure the wrong sides are out. Stitch together along the corners, then push the exterior fabric over the lining to shape your bag.

Add the Frame

Fold the raw edges of the top flaps under to conceal them. Stitch along the top to join the lining and exterior fabrics together. Fold each flap in half, down towards the inside of the bag. Stitch the flap in place along the long edge, make sure you leave the sides open so you can put the frame in.

Pull one pin out of one of the frame's hinges. Push the pin all the way into the other hinge, you may need pliers and a strong grip to do this. Open the unhinged end of the frame and insert one side into the casing. Repeat with the other side, sliding the frame over to the other side. Join the ends of the frame together and replace the pin, pushing in with pliers to secure.

Add Finishing Touches

You can add a strap to the outside of the bag or a small pocket to the inside of the purse.

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