How to Stop Organza From Fraying

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Organza is a light and nearly transparent woven fabric, made of either silk or polyester threads. Woven fabrics, like organza, are more susceptible to fraying when cut with standard scissors because the weave unravels and the threads begin to pull out.

One possibility to avoid fraying is to use pinking shears, which have sawtoothed blades that cut in zigzag patterns; fraying isn't completely prevented, but the blades minimise damage. However, if you don't want the fabric cut with zigzag edges you'll need to look into another option to prevent the organza from fraying, such as a liquid seam sealant.

Remove any wrinkles in the organza by lightly ironing it on the coolest setting.

Cut the organza into shapes according to your pattern or into ribbons.

Lightly apply the liquid seam sealant to all cut edges and allow it to dry for at least four to six hours.