Kids' goody bag ideas

Written by julie elle | 13/05/2017
Kids' goody bag ideas
Kids' Goody Bag Ideas

Kids' goody bags are the highlight of a birthday party for all the boys and girls who have come to celebrate with the guest of honour. Birthday cake is good, party games are better, but for kids, goody bags are the stuff that parties are made of. Coming up with new ideas for goody bag fillers can be difficult, but fresh ideas are out there.

Take and Bake Goody Bags

Try a baking theme for your goody bags. Stuff the bags with a recipe and plastic bags of pre-measured, dry ingredients needed to bake a batch of cookies. Party guests can look forward to a special day of baking with a parent when they bring their party bags home.

Pen Pal Kits

The thrill of sending and receiving letters through the mail is the perfect reason to fill the goody bags with the supplies kids need to correspond with one another as pen pals. Stationery sets are available at various price ranges, and complete sets can even be purchased at dollar stores.

Book Bags

Books make great goody bag fillers. Find gently used, inexpensive books at a garage sale or used book store. Coupled with a homemade paper bookmark, a book can be the perfect surprise for birthday party guests.

Scrapbook Sets

Inexpensive mini-scrapbook kits are available at discount stores, and they come with everything needed to create a photo book filled with memories. Such a kit tucked into a goody bag gives party goers a way to preserve the fun of the party long after the birthday cake is cut.

Seed Kits

Kids enjoy watching things grow. Gardening supplies tucked into a birthday goody bag will delight the young recipients. Plastic gardening tools, packs of seeds and small pots can be tucked inside the bags so kids can try their hands at gardening.

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