How to Make Church Banners for Children

Updated February 21, 2017

Church banners are used for decorative purposes or to bring in new people or groups to the church. Banners for a church are often ordered, custom made or made by the adults of the church for a professional appearance. Children in the church can make banners to decorate the Sunday school room, inform the public about church events or as a Sunday school craft.

Select a theme for the banners. Church banners have a religious theme, but the banners made by children should have specific themes, such as a specific Bible story or an event like Easter or Christmas.

Cut the fabric to the appropriate size for the banners. The exact size of the banner will differ, depending on the children's ages. Younger children should make smaller banners to prevent boredom or loss of interest, while older children can make larger banners. Church banners range in size, depending on where they are placed. The size can range between a 3-by-8-foot banner to a 5-by-7-foot banner, or small 1-by-2-foot banners for younger children.

Provide a theme. Themes will differ based on the purpose of the banners. Give directions regarding the theme and the types of pictures appropriate to the theme. For example, a Christmas banner might have pictures of the baby Jesus, a manger, Mary and Joseph, the star or any other aspect of Christmas. Allow the children to create as they prefer.

Allow the children to decorate according to the theme. Children need to be creative, so let them work with the materials provided according to their preferences. Decorating methods will vary and there are several potential ways to make a church banner. Children can sew felt or other fabric onto the banner to make a quilted banner. In a variation of sewing on fabrics, children can embroider designs using a basic cross stitch, a stitch that forms an "X", on the banner as well. Some fabrics allow children to paint or draw, instead of sewing. Children can add glitter by applying glue and then sprinkling on the glitter. If children are sewing one fabric onto another or working on embroidery, provide instructions about needle safety to prevent accidents.

Add the banners to walls or allow the children to take them home. Depending on the type of banner and where it is added, glue or tape the banner up. If allowing the children to take it home, allow paint or glue to dry.

Things You'll Need

  • Felt or fabric
  • Glue
  • Glitter
  • Scissors
  • Paint
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