How to Make Lily of the Valley Flowers From Frosting

Updated February 21, 2017

Lilies of the valley are pretty flowers that almost look like little bells. They grow from stems and hang upside down, with about five to fifteen flowers on each stem. Lily of the Valley flowers are fun to make out of icing because of their creative, unusual look. They can be made easily; you simply make a green leaf and stem first for the flowers to sit on. Place frosting Lilies of the Valley on top or around the edges of cakes for a pretty, creative look.

Place a coupler on each decorating bag. Fill one bag with white icing and another bag with green icing. Attach an 81 tip to the bag with white icing, and place a 67 tip onto the bag with green icing.

Hold the bag with green icing at a 45-degree angle, or at the 3:00 placement on a clock if you are right-handed, or 9:00 if you are left-handed. Gently squeeze out the icing, starting at the left-hand side and making one end wider. Move to the right, making the leaf gradually smaller. Curve the leaf downward, making the other end gradually smaller and thinner until it forms a point.

Remove the 67 tip from the bag of green icing and replace it with a 2 tip. Form a thin line of icing horizontally down the middle of the leaf you made with the 67 tip. Make short vertical lines branch off from the centre line downward to form smaller stems. The flowers will hang from these stems.

Attach tip 81 to the bag of white icing. Tip 81 will look like a half circle. Turn the tip so that the opening of the half circle is facing you. Hold the bag at a 30-degree angle, or at 4:30 if you are right-handed, or 7:30 if you are left-handed. Position the icing at the first miniature stem, above the surface of the leaf so it isn't touching.

Squeeze the icing bag lightly until a bell shape appears, moving in a circle to form each side of the bell. When a complete bell has formed, release pressure on the icing bag, lightly touch the surface of the leaf, and give the bag a quick squeeze as you lift it away. Repeat this process to make a flower for each stem. Attach tip 1 to the green icing and make two small dots in the centre of each flower.

Things You'll Need

  • 2 decorating bags
  • 2 couplers
  • Tips 81, 67, 2, 1
  • White icing, medium consistency
  • Green icing, thin consistency


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