How to Express How You Feel to a Man Who Is Ignoring You

Updated February 21, 2017

Feelings of anger, sadness and fear weigh heavily on the heart when you carry the burden of those emotions alone. Pleasant feelings like love and joy are stronger and more enjoyable when shared. So it is frustrating to not be able to share your feelings with the source of your emotions. When a man is ignoring you, you can become consumed with the need to tell him your feelings. There are ways to express those feelings and move on with your life, even when you are being given the cold shoulder.

Ask yourself why you want to speak to someone who is ignoring you. If you are not yet in a relationship with the man who is ignoring you, it is likely that he does not feel the same level of passion for you that you feel for him. If that is the case, it will benefit you to leave your crush behind and focus on finding a man who is attracted to your looks and personality. If the man who is ignoring you is your boyfriend or husband, question whether you want to make amends with someone who does not respect your feelings enough to pay attention to you.

Do your own thing. Focus on your job or schoolwork, join clubs or sports teams and spend time on your favourite hobbies. This will help you to keep your mind off the man who is ignoring you, and in the meantime that man may start noticing how much fun you are having and how successful you are. This can make you seem appealing and might make him more likely to begin speaking to you.

Use friends as mediators. Spend time with your mutual friends in group situations. He may find it difficult to ignore you if you are hanging out with all of his buddies. Alternately, ask a trusted mutual friend to speak to the man on your behalf. A friend may be able to explain how you feel and persuade the man to pay some attention to you.

Write him a letter. Electronic communication such as e-mail is easily ignored with one click. He may choose not to answer the phone when you call. However, it is difficult to ignore a letter that arrives in the mail. Do not include your return address on the envelope so that he does not realise it is from you until he is already reading it. Writing a letter will allow you to get your feelings off your chest, even if he never reads the entire letter.

Approach him in a public place and boldly tell him exactly how you feel. When surrounded by people he may feel that he cannot make a scene and must listen to you, especially if you remain calm and collected and have carefully rehearsed what you are going to say.


Do not pester him. Constant phone calls or persistent attempts to confront him in public will only lead to annoyance on his part. Try any of these steps only one time. If they all fail then it is time to move on.

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