Homemade ice luge

Updated July 20, 2017

An ice luge is a block of ice cut like a ramp, with a narrow passage through which can pass a party's share of booze. When it comes out, it's frosty and ready to be enjoyed. It brings some lavishness to parties, and yet it's expensive to order one.


The key to making a homemade ice luge is refrigeration. Making one requires access to a large-sized freezer. A basic freezer in a refrigerator works if most everything has been cleared out. Upright freezers work even better because they have more space.

Making the luge

The first challenge is obtaining the ice. Don't bother buying a giant block of ice, since it is expensive and making ice from home is free (except for the cost of refrigeration, of course). You can always order an ice luge mould from a company like Lugez--but more enterprising partygoers can obtain a large plastic container for much less money to create their own custom luge. Fill the container with water and several 9 kg (20 pound) bags of ice. Bury a couple of clean PVC pipes for the alcohol to pass through. Make sure that they are long enough for you to pull out later. Also, make sure they are not cracked--otherwise the water will leak through and alcohol won't be able to pass through. Let the block of ice sit for several days in the freezer, checking on it intermittently.

Using the ice luge

Once the ice luge has become frozen, it is ready to be put to good use. Remove the ice block and place it on a table, making sure that it isn't a fancy table and that towels are sitting beneath the cube to soak up the water once it starts melting. It may be a challenge to remove the PVC piping from the block--the most effective way to remove them is by hammering them out. Little holes and new passages may show up as the ice begins to melt--thus is the inevitable fate of an ice block--but partygoers can create new passages with a screwdriver and a hammer if the original passage fails during the party.

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