Homemade Spy & Thief Costumes

Written by amy davidson | 13/05/2017

Halloween costumes can be fun to make for the holiday, allowing for creativity and resourcefulness. Kids and adults will like the idea of a spy or thief costume, which can be easy to make and fun to play around with.

Basic Spy

For a cool spy costume stick with dark clothes, like a black suit or black shirt and trousers. Add a belt that you can attach your spy gadgets too as well. For kids, you can opt to let them wear a men's size black tuxedo or suit jacket.

Basic Thief

To make a good thief costume, start by dressing in all black from head to toe. Black trousers and a long-sleeved black shirt are the optimal choice, but girl costumes can opt for a long black skirt.

Accessories for Spies

You can accessorise a spy costume in a variety of ways. Attach gadgets like black rope or a toy gun to your belt. Try hiding your identity with sunglasses or draw on facial hair for children. Girls' costumes can even opt to add a wig. You can also carry around binoculars for spying and collecting evidence, or an envelope that says "TOP SECRET" on the outside.

Accessories for Thieves

To accessorise your thief remember to keep it all black, as thieves must blend in with the shadows. Put on a black beanie cap or ski mask if you choose; add black gloves so that your thief will be sure not to leave fingerprints. For added effect, smear black face paint on both of your cheeks or wear a black eye mask over your eyes, you can find these at costume shops or make one with black cloth by cutting out holes for your eyes. You can also opt to add a crowbar, for adult costumes, or a bag of costume gemstones for kids.


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