How to Remove the Hose From a Dyson DC15 Ball

Updated February 21, 2017

The Dyson DC15 is the first vacuum to be propelled by a ball rather than four fixed wheels. The DC15 is discontinued today and has been replaced by a new all-floor vacuum cleaner. The DC15 has a wand, which contains a hose that you can use to clean difficult to reach areas such as above cabinets, on stairs and under crawlspaces.

Flip up the bright yellow wand cap at the top of the machine's handle.

Pull out the metal wand until you hear it click.

Press the yellow wand release button on the front of the machine's handle to release the wand, handle and hose from the machine.

Press the two buttons on each side of the base of the wand handle. This will release the hose.

Press hose tools into the end of the hose.


Always place the Dyson at the bottom of the stairs if you are using the hose to clean them. This will prevent it from falling on you while you vacuum.

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