DIY Insoles

Updated April 17, 2017

Insoles are an important, yet overlooked, part of any shoe. They may extend the life of the shoe and increase the wearer's comfort while walking by helping to alleviate back, neck and foot pain. These reasons are why it is wise to have some sort of padding and support in your shoes. However, not all shoes come with comfortable insoles, but you can make your own.

Place the insole from an old shoe on top of your padded foam.

Trace the outline of the old insole onto the foam with a pencil.

Cut out the traced foam insole.

Place the padded foam insole into your shoe to see if it fits. If the new shoe is smaller than the old shoe (and insole), use your scissors to trim the new insole in length or width until it perfectly fits inside your shoe. Take off no more than a few mm at a time.


You can use felt, wool, rubber, and other materials to create your insoles, even an old yoga mat. Felt and wool insoles are ideal for winter boots, as they help insulate and keep your feet warm. If you do prefer padded foam, use the kind with one adhesive side, as this will help keep your insoles in place.

Things You'll Need

  • Scissors
  • Insole from an old shoe
  • Padded foam
  • Pencil
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