Bird Traps You Can Make at Home

Updated April 10, 2017

Humane bird traps can be used to capture and relocate troublesome birds or for tracking purposes. There are a number of types of traps that can be created at home with basic tools and materials. They are reusable, and so putting effort into crafting a sturdy one is beneficial for future use.

Types of Traps

Two primary types of humane traps that can be made from home are ground traps or nest box traps. Ground traps are baited and then placed down on the ground. Nest box and/or inbox traps are designed to catch the birds as they enter into nesting boxes. These are both live trap varieties, meaning that they are humane and are designed only to capture the bird rather than cause harm.

Nest Box Trap

This is the ideal type of trap for a small number of birds, or only when a single bird needs to be trapped. Build a trap directly into a standard nest box and check nightly. Traps can be built to latch automatically when a single bird enters the box, or with a funnel system that allows multiple birds to enter without the ability to leave. They are often ideal as the entire trap is hidden within the nest box.

Ground Trap

Ground traps are ideal for trapping larger bird populations. A popular style of repeating trap involves the use of a counter weight system, allowing a bird that enters into the trap to weigh down the mechanism that closes, moving the bird deeper into the trap. Once the bird is no longer in the entrance and weighing down the mechanism, it automatically resets based on a counterbalance lever.

Other Traps

Different types of bird traps are meant to meet different needs depending upon the type of bird, size of the bird, when the trapping needs to be achieved and how many birds need to be caught. Other types of traps include mist net, tipping can and bottomless pit traps. Each trap has benefits and drawbacks depending upon the individual's trapping needs.

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