How to Rig a Lobster Trap

lobster traps on pier image by Stephen Orsillo from

Lobster is a popular seafood and is considered a delicacy by many people. If you have the opportunity to try and catch lobster, you will understand why it is so expensive. Lobsters are caught using traps placed on the sea floor. These traps are rigged up together, tied to a buoy and baited. The process of catching lobster is very arduous and several hours of fishing can yield only a few lobster.

Tie the traps together using a long sequence of rope. This method works if you have many traps to set up, because you will need only a few buoys to identify the location of the traps. This is called a string or trawl.

Attach a buoy to the last trap, with enough rope so the buoy is visible above the water when the traps are on the sea floor.

Bait the traps with herring. The bait is put into a bag and hung in the first "room" of the trap called the kitchen and is used to entice lobster to enter the trap.

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