Do-it-Yourself Pet Bird Table Stand

Making a table stand for your pet bird is a relatively easy and inexpensive project. The stand can be made out of wood or PVC pipes. Both will provide a sturdy perch for your pet that fits easily on a table.


To build a bird table stand, you'll need a sturdy wooden base--a ¾-inch thick plywood square that's 1-by-1 foot should do. You'll also need a PVC tee piece that you can purchase at any hardware store. To build the perch, you can either use ¾-inch to 1-inch PVC pipes that will fit right into the tee piece or use the same size wooden dowels. If you use PVC, they should screw in the tee piece. If you use wood, you'll have to glue the dowels in the pipe fittings. Along with the main components, you'll also need sandpaper, glue, PVC caps, wood screws and a drill.


You should sand all the wood before use to make sure there are no rough edges. You don't want your bird to get splinters. Sanding also prevents crevices that can hold dirt and bacteria. You'll want to consider using untreated, exterior-quality plywood in case of spills or water-based damage. You may also want to stick a piece of vinyl flooring over the wood base to make it even more waterproof.

Putting it Together

Use a metal or PVC flange that will hold the tee piece to the base. Drill this in the middle of the base. Make sure to mark where the screw holes are before drilling. If you're using a PVC flange, you can merely glue this to the base. Give it 24 hours to dry before attaching the rest of the pieces. To have an even and stable stand, ensure that the perch length is the same as the length of the vertical part of the tee.

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