How to Do the Matrix Levitation

Ethan Miller/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Levitation tricks, where a magician or assistant appears to float, may be physically impossible, but with the aid of counterweights, leg braces and core body strength, you can convince your audience of the illusion. In "The Matrix," Neo dodges bullets by leaning straight back at the knees. Famously recreated by Chris Angel, this Matrix-inspired trick is simple in concept, but requires a great deal of core strength and practice to complete.

Mix and pour concrete into a bucket. Insert the nail so that the head extends six inches above the top of the bucket. Allow the cement to fully cure.

Bury the cement bucket in the location you will be performing the trick, so that the head of the nail barely emerges above the ground.

Wear a brace on the leg you will be "magically" balancing on. The brace helps distribute the weight of your body, and reduces the strain on your joints.

Wear the trick boot, with the bracket, on the foot that will supporting your weight.

Place your foot over the exposed nail and snap into the bracket. Secure the nail head by sliding your foot back.

Lean back slowly to reduce the strain on your legs.

Lift your non-weighted leg, when you are comfortable enough to support your weight on one leg.

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