Easy way to grout paving stones

Updated February 21, 2017

Paving stones are a beautiful addition to any home garden, driveway or walkway. Like tile, paving stones need to be grouted after they have been installed. If you have an outdoor paving project that you have finished, you will need to grout your paving stones to keep them looking beautiful. There are a few things you should know to achieve a great grout job.

Wet Grouting

To begin wet grouting, wet the entire surface area of the paving stones. Completely cover the stones with water. This is a critical step in wet grouting. If some the stones become dry as you are applying the grout, pause long enough to wet the pavers again. This should be done as the grout mixture is being prepared.


Using a 3:1 mortar ratio, mix the grout in a bucket. Use a soft brush or a squeegee to push the grout into the pavers' crevices. Push the grout completely into the crevices, leaving no holes. Cover all of the crevices to finish the grouting process.

Clean Up

When the grout begins to set it is important to begin removing excess grout. Use a stiff brush or squeegee to remove the excess grout. A hose can aid in this process. Spray water on the pavers as you brush the excess grout away. Cleaning the extra grout off the pavers may take several passes with a stiff brush and hose. Do not use too much water in this process as the water can remove the grout from the crevices.


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