Great Places to Meet Women

Updated March 23, 2017

Many guys think of bars and clubs as the common places to meet women. While many women do gather in these places, meeting someone new may be difficult because they are usually out with their friends and may be wary of strangers who talk to them. You may want to venture into other places and try your search elsewhere. Aside from bars, other venues offer good opportunities to meet women.


There are many different types of women, and they congregate in different types of places. Think about the types of women you want to meet, as well as those who are compatible with your personality. Creative types are interested in going to museums and art classes. You may meet athletic women at health clubs or sporting events. Meet women in dance classes is also common. If you are a business professional, association meetings may be a place to meet women.


Because women are suspicious of strangers who try to pick them up, you may want to try a more casual approach. For example, if you are in a museum, you may want to talk about the latest exhibit or museum recommendations. Try to chat with her to find something in common. Introduce yourself and explain why you wanted to speak to her. Maybe the way she looked at a painting interested you, and you wanted to see what she thought about it. When approaching a women, you should think about getting to know her more than trying to get her number. She may be more open to you if you engage her in a conversation that is interesting rather than getting trying to date her right away.

Online world

Another place to meet women is the online world. Many dating sites are now available where you can find women. These are especially helpful in narrowing down your search since many members have a profile page where they talk about their interests and hobbies. Through such websites as or, you may find someone online who shares your interests. Initiate a conversation, then plan a date and time to meet in person.

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