What to Make With Lollipop Sticks?

Updated April 17, 2017

For years, moms and teachers have become creative with crafts. They have used everyday items to help kids be inventive, explore and have fun. Lollipop sticks, the small rounded sticks found on candies like Dum Dum Pops or Tootsie Pops, can be used for various crafts and food treats. Using a few simple ideas, you can make many things with lollipop sticks.


As its name suggests, use lollipop sticks to make homemade lollipops. Melt chocolate, candies or caramels on the stovetop or in the microwave, stirring every 30 seconds, just until melted. Pour the melted treat into an ice cube tray. Put the mixture into the freezer, and once it starts to solidify, push a lollipop stick down into each cube. After it finishes solidifying, enjoy your homemade candy or chocolate on a stick.

You can also make cookies on a stick. Make small, thick shortbread or sugar cookies. While the cookies are cooling, run a lollipop stick into the bottom of each cookie. Let them finish cooling, then decorate the cookies or eat them plain.

To make lollipop faces, plunge a lollipop stick into a large marshmallow. Place the marshmallows, with the sticks facing up, on a piece of wax paper. Next, melt chocolate candies or coloured candy melts in the microwave, stirring every 30 seconds, just until melted. Dip the marshmallows into the melted candy, and place the dipped sticks back on the wax paper. Let the marshmallows dry for one hour. Use a decorator gel or store-bought icing tube to draw faces on the candy-coated marshmallows. For Halloween, make scary faces; for Christmas, make Santa or reindeer faces.


Make homemade message signs using several lollipop sticks. Place 18 sticks side-by-side; this should make a large rectangular shape. Next, squeeze a ¼-inch-thick line of glue ½ inch from the top and across the width of the rectangle, covering all of the lollipop sticks. Put three sticks on top of the glue end-to-end with three other sticks, so that the sticks are protruding a little from each side of the rectangle. Let the craft dry. Turn it over, and decorate your sign with any message you want. It may be difficult to colour on the surface of the lollipop sticks, so move the crayon or marker quickly to evenly distribute the colour. To hang, tie a piece of yarn to the horizontal sticks.

Make a chocolate flower with lollipop sticks. Buy a roll of green floral tape, small plastic leaves, red cellophane and Hershey's Kisses. Place the bottoms of two Kisses against each other. Wrap them with the cellophane, and place on the top of the lollipop stick. Tightly wrap the floral tape around the top of the stick, sealing the cellophane to the lollipop stick, and stop after ½ inch of wrapping. Press a green leaf's stem onto the stick, and continue wrapping until the stick is completely covered. Cut off the tape, and display your candy flower.

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