Can I Take Hairdryers in a Hand Luggage?

Updated April 17, 2017

With fears about terrorism causing security levels to rise at airports around the country, many travellers are unsure what the new rules are for hand luggage. It can be confusing to know what items are cleared for carry-on baggage. Don't needlessly leave your hairdresser or other toiletry items behind; know the regulations to be prepared for your next flight.

TSA Regulations

Hair dryers (and other basic electric grooming tools) are not on the TSA list of prohibited items for carry-on items. For up-to-date information on permitted and prohibited items, go to the Transportation Security Administration website.

Baggage Scan Tips

Keep in mind that baggage scanners may wish to inspect your hair dryer and verify its authenticity. Pack it near the top of your case so that if you do need to remove it, you won't have to take everything else out to get at it.

If you are carrying a battery-operated dryer, take the batteries out and keep them in your hand luggage, not in checked baggage. For safety, store the batteries individually in a case or a protective bag where they won't come in contact with metal or each other.

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