Foods That Help Breast Growth

Written by daniel westlake
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Foods That Help Breast Growth

Foods that naturally help breasts grow are high in specific vitamins and minerals that stimulate the cells in breasts to reproduce faster. These foods also have compounds in them that stimulate the production of oestrogen. Women's breast sizes have got collectively larger over the last few decades--in both America and in other parts of the world where people are eating more "Americanized" diets. This can be attributed to the hormones, additives and higher concentrations of these compounds that stimulate oestrogen in women's bodies, though there have been no conclusive studies proving this. Still, there are non-hormonally induced foods that can help increase breast size.

Increase in Cup Sizes in China

Scientists are perplexed at the breast boom in China over the past decade. The average breast size has grown over one cup in the last 10 years, as the Chinese have been eating more meat and dairy, especially food imported from America rich with hormones. The aforementioned theory is even more viable here, as in the past the Chinese diet consisted of mostly fish and rice products, two foods that are not high in compounds that stimulate oestrogen release.

Hormones in Meat and Cheese

Meat and cheese are attributed to stimulating breast growth because of hormonal additives, which are fed to cattle and chickens. These hormones make cattle, swine and poultry grow faster, produce more milk or eggs and be the best product they can be. The effects of consistently consuming those hormones, however, aren't known on humans--some may be good, while some may be bad.

Organic Foods

Large amounts of soy in foods is thought to help stimulate breast growth, as it is rich with phytoestrogen, a compound that has concentrated oestrogen and is given to women who are going through menopause to help level out their hormones. These foods include spices as well, especially seeds and whole grain foods. It is nearly impossible, however, to continue to eat enough phytoestrogens to create permanent breast growth. Also, too many phytoestrogens can be too much of a good thing, as it can throw the hormone balance off entirely.

Other Phytoestrogen Foods

Other foods that are good to eat to up the phytoestrogen count and possibly stimulate breast growth are tofu, dried beans, apples, carrots and berries of different kinds. These foods are generally good to eat and should be incorporated into a healthy and balanced diet for women anyway.

Good Fats

Good fats are also important for health and a larger bust size. These consist of olive oil, avocado and nuts--especially walnuts. These fats will build up the breasts naturally but will not build up weight, as the body will process these fats naturally and burn them off with a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise. A healthy weight is generally important for women's diets and greatly reduces the risk of breast cancer.

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