Transplant surgery is a highly specialised area of the medical profession. Most transplant surgeons are trained to do multiple types of transplants, but some specialise specifically on certain types of transplant surgery, such as heart, lung or liver. While the average transplant surgeon's salary is in line with other types of surgeons, surgeons who specialise in certain areas, such as heart transplant surgery, earn significantly higher salaries than the average.


Average Salary Range

According to the University of Minnesota Medical School, the average salary for a transplant surgeon ranges between £97,500 and £390,000 per year. This breaks down to £8,125 to £32,500 per month. Data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics indicates that the average surgeon earns £115,498 per year, or £9,624 per month.


Highest Paying Position

The salary range for transplant surgery is quite broad. The type of transplant surgery you specialise in can have a big impact on the type of salary you can expect to earn. According to, heart transplant surgeons top the list, earning on average £290,332 per year or £24,194 per month. Salaries can be even higher for surgeons willing to work overtime.

  • The salary range for transplant surgery is quite broad.

Residency Salary

After completion of medical school, you will need to complete a one- to two-year residency program in order to earn generalised medical certification. Transplant surgery is a specialised field of medicine, which requires an additional one- to two-year residency program. During your residency period you can expect to earn roughly £26,000 per year or £2,166 per month.



The amount of hours a transplant surgeon works can be extremely varied, depending on the requirements of the hospital you work for and how much time you are willing to put into your practice. On average, most transplant surgeons work a 60-hour work week, but if you are on call, you can work 80 hours a week or more.