Homemade Bear Costume

Updated April 17, 2017

A bear costume is a simple, fun option for Halloween or a costume party. Bear costumes purchased from a store often can be unoriginal and expensive. However, you can make your own bear costume at home for a fraction of the cost and add your own personal touches to make the costume stand out from the crowd.


Decide what colour of bear you want to be. Common choices are black or brown, but you can be creative if you'd like. Buy a sweatshirt or long sleeved T-shirt and a pair of soft trousers in the colour you have chosen. As an alternative to a shirt and trousers, children can use footsie pyjamas.

Cut out a circle of felt in a lighter colour than the rest of the costume that's about 12 inches in diameter and glue it to the stomach area of the costume. Glue about 30 cotton balls together, spray paint them all in the colour you've chosen, and glue them to the seat of the trousers for the tail.


Buy a pair of sneakers and a pair of gloves that match the rest of your costume. Cut 16 1-inch-square pieces of fake black leather and roll each into a cone shape. Glue them to make them hold this shape, then glue one fabric cone onto each finger of each glove and three fabric cones at the front of each shoe to look like claws.

To make the ears, buy a headband in a colour that matches your costume. Cut two circles that are about 2 inches in diameter out of matching construction paper. Cut two circles of pink construction paper that are about 1 1/2 inches in diameter. Glue the pink circles onto the front of the larger circles and glue one large circle to either end of the headband. You also can use a knit cap for this.

Hair and Makeup

Slick your hair back and put on the headband or cap. Draw a small circle on the tip of your nose using black eyeliner or face paint.

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