Packaging Tape Dispenser Instructions

Updated February 21, 2017

A packaging tape dispenser holds industrial strength tape that wraps packages in seconds. At first, people may find using the dispenser awkward, but with practice you can use this invaluable tool with ease. Whether you need to wrap one box or a dozen, your packaging tape dispenser will make quick work of an otherwise daunting task. Learn more about filling the dispenser and using it so you can wrap packages safely and with confidence.

Center the tape roll over the tape cylinder. Position the tape so the sticky side is facing down. The smooth shiny side should face up toward you.

Feed the tape with your fingers, moving the tape between the two dispenser bars. Feed the tape over the first bar and under the second.

Pull the tape end with your fingers, tugging it gently over the ragged cutting edge.

Change the packaging tape roll when all the tape is gone. Remove the roll from the cylinder and replace it with a fresh one.

Close the box flaps together neatly.

Lay the packaging tape dispenser at the top of the box where the two box flaps meet.

Lay the stick tape on the box. Hold the end of the tape in place and pull the dispenser down with your other hand.

Smooth the tape down as you pull it from the dispenser.


Use caution when pulling the tape over the cutting edge, it can cut you.

Things You'll Need

  • Tape roll
  • Packaging tape dispenser
  • Box
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