How to Print Double-Sided Using a Microsoft Word Reverse Book Fold

John Foxx/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Printing a book on Microsoft Word requires you to print on both sides of the page. Whether it's a regular booklet or a book with a reverse book fold, you must set the document up for double-sided printing. A book with a reverse fold is useful if you're writing a book in a language that reads from right to left.

Double-sided printing is known as duplex printing. Some printers are capable of automatic duplex printing while other can only handle manual duplex printing.

Open Microsoft Word.

Prepare your booklet.

Print a test page so you know the correct way to reload the pages to print on the opposite side. Print a page, write a small "x" at the top of the page and reinsert the paper to print on the opposite side and print something else. Check the location of the "x" to make sure you inserted the paper in the right direction.

Go back to your booklet.

Click the "File" tab and choose "Print."

Select "Print One Sided." If you see "Print on Both Sides," select that option, which means your printer is set up for automatic duplex printing. If your printer is capable of automatic duplex printing, you can now click "Print" to print your booklet.

Choose "Manually Print on Both Sides" if your printer is not capable of automatic duplex printing.

Click "Print."

Turn over the stack of printed pages and reinsert them into the printer when prompted.