How to write on laminated paper

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Laminating a sheet of paper covers it with a thin sheet of translucent plastic, meaning that you can write on it over and over. The trick to getting a good result when writing on laminated paper is to choose the right pen for the surface. Ordinary pens or pencils won't produce the result you want. You may also want to have the right materials to hand to clean your laminated sheets off.

Use dry-erase markers, like those used on whiteboards, to create an easily-erasable mark. You can wipe the writing off with a whiteboard eraser or tissue. Dry-erase markers are easy to remove, but they can leave a powdery smudge.

Write with wet-erase markers for a more durable mark. These markers are often used on overhead transparencies. To clean the marks off, spray household window cleaner onto a paper towel or soft cloth and wipe the writing away gently.

Leave lasting marks on laminated paper using a permanent marker. Even permanent markers aren't completely permanent; nail polish remover, rubbing alcohol or other solvents can remove it cleanly.

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