Homemade Egyptian Halloween Costumes

Would you like walk like an Egyptian this Halloween? You can dress up like Cleopatra or an Egyptian pharaoh for little money. Making a homemade Egyptian costume is easy, and requires no special crafting skills.

Egyptian Clothing

The style of clothing to make an Egyptian costume depends on your gender. A woman can wear a long, flowing white cotton or linen dress that is sleeveless with an empire waist. She can also wear a white halter top and short white skirt when going for the sexy look. Include a gold belt with either outfit. A man can wear a white ankle-length, sleeveless tunic and knot a gold rope or cord around his waist.

Egyptian Accessories

Cleopatra, King Tut and Egyptian pharaohs wore many accessories. Women wore gold bangles and earrings, and their clothing and accessories were often embossed with gem stones such as turquoise. Check second-hand stores for used accessories. Men wore leather ankle and wrist cuffs. Both wore leather sandals. An Egyptian man might also have carried a staff with him. You can make your own staff with a stick or tree branch. Paint it gold and decorate it with fake gemstones.

Egyptian Headdress

The headdress is easy to make. You can use a gold headband and decorate it with fake gemstones for a female Egyptian costume. To make a headdress for a male Egyptian costume, cut the it out of cardboard and paint it with a black-and-gold stripe pattern.

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