Gideon crafts for VBS

Updated July 20, 2017

If you're using the story of Gideon in your Vacation Bible School, you'll need craft ideas that reinforce what students learn about this Old Testament warrior. Gideon's story is replete with props like trumpets and torches, which make good ideas for crafts. Make the props, then let children re-enact scenes from the story, using their creations.

Cotton ball fleece

After introducing the story of Gideon, give each child a half sheet of brown construction paper, a tube of glue and a handful of cotton balls. Tell children to glue the cotton balls all over the construction paper. As they work, describe how the Lord gave Gideon several supernatural signs. Children should be finishing the craft by the time you get to the part about the sign of the fleece. Re-enact that part of the story with the "fleece pelts" that the children have just made. Put everyone's fleece together to make one giant pelt.

Paper towel trumpets

Each child will need an empty paper towel roll and a brown piece of construction paper. Show them how to roll the piece of construction paper into a funnel shape and insert the pointed end into the paper towel roll. Glue or tape the two objects together to secure. Let children paint their trumpets. Tie both ends of a brown string of yarn to the trumpet to make a strap. Remind kids that these were trumpets of war, not necessarily musical instruments. Together, re-enact how Gideon's small army intimidated and then conquered the Midianites.

Lunch bag torches

Give each child a brown paper lunch bag and several pieces of red, yellow and orange construction paper. Show children how to cut flames from the construction paper. Demonstrate how to tape the flames to the inside of the open brown paper bag so that the flames are showing over the edge of the bag. Children can tape several layers of flames for a bigger torch. Twist the lunch bag into a handle. Use the torches to re-enact how the army surprised the Midianites.

Hand and foot angel

The Lord sent an angel to Gideon to tell him what to do. Make an angel out of construction paper. Give each child two pieces of white construction paper. Have them help each other to trace the outline of one foot and two hands onto the construction paper and cut out the shapes. The foot shape will be the body of the angel. Draw a head on the heel of the foot, and glue yarn or chenille wire to the top for hair. The toes of the foot will look like the bottom of the angel's robe. Glue the two hand shapes to the back, fingers pointing outward to look like wings. If desired, glue gold feathers to the wings. Let children decorate the angel with glitter glue or stick-on gems.

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