Easy to Make Spiderman Cakes

Updated March 23, 2017

Spiderman parties are entertaining and easy to decorate. For an impressive, theme-fitting cake that can be easily baked at home, quickly review the primary characters and scenes from the movie. From shaped cake pans to simple cityscapes, there are many simple cake ideas that look more complicated than they really are.

Round Cakes

Use a simple, baked round cake for a Spiderman face. Frost the cake red, leaving space for the eyes. Frost the eye sections white. Complete the cake by piping black frosting in a spider web pattern over the cake. Outline the eyes in black also.

Create a spider web from a white-frosted round cake and piped black icing. Place a Spiderman figurine on the cake to make the theme more prominent.


Entertain a large group with a typical Spiderman Scene. Use simple cakes, white frosting with food colouring, and plastic figurines to set the stage for a heroic battle between good and evil on the rooftops of a city.

Carve multiple loaf pan cakes into rectangles of different lengths and set them on end to represent skyscrapers. Place these buildings along the long edge of an ordinary, rectangular sheet cake. Frost the buildings a dull grey colour. Crumble Oreo cookies over the tops of the buildings for the roof and add squares of Hershey's chocolate for windows. On the lower cake, frost a grey roadway along the perimeter and a green field in the centre.

Complete the scene with plastic toys and figurines. Add small toy cars on the road and plastic people figurines on the grass. A Spiderman figurine should be scaling the side of one of the buildings while a villain figurine waits at the top of the highest building.

3D Spiderman Silhouette

Make a cake that stands on its own from two round cakes and a Rice Krispies treat. Start by cutting the round cakes in half and layering the halves together with frosting. Set the cakes with the flat side on the table for the shoulders.

Create the head from a shaped Rice Krispies treat. Mold the head into an egg shape about 9 inches high and sculpt indents for the eyes and a protrusion for the nose. Insert a six inch bamboo skewer into the base of the head and leave several inches protruding. Scoop a round hole in the top of the cakes for the head to sit in. Insert the head into the hole with the skewer sticking into the cake for support.

Decorate by frosting the entire creation red. Use a piping back to create black webbing across the entire creation. Add a black spider symbol to the front of the torso.

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